Dating daan radio station

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Dating daan radio station

Watch the 24-hour broadcast of The Old Path (Ang Dating Daan), the flagship broadcast program of Members Church of God International, using MCGI Broadcast App. Know more about the Members Church of God International or MCGI with this app specially designed for your mobile device. Soriano and has started in the Philippines in 1980.Tags: MCGI, Member, Christianity, Truth, Salvation, Jesus, God, Bible, Church of God, Members Church of God International, Community Prayer Whether it's watching your favorite public service program on UNTV, or listening live on La Verdad Radio, the UNTV app has it all on your mobile device for you.

09.34: I’m pleasantly surprised hearing one of the girls (I don’t know who yet – they sound alike) get excited over the fact that there’s 23 days left before the new NBA season starts. 09.36: They played Billy Joel less than an hour ago, right?17.01: So we have karaoke champions as guests on on Natural 97.9).The difference here is, of course, Wish FM does it on a moving bus.15.19: Oh no, they are playing Jordan Hill’s “Remember Me This Way”.This brings me to my childhood, and not necessarily in a good way!

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This was released as a single a week before I was born, apparently. 12.05: Question I prolly won’t get an answer for: is this Alice and Princess Leigh’s first radio gig? 12.36: I don’t think it’s healthy to listen attentively to Wish FM for the whole day. 12.38: Of course they’d play “Faithfully” at one point…

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